"Life is pain, highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something." - William Goldman, The Princess Bride

Fortunately, we find ourselves in the position of offering our expertise and value, enabling us to embrace a more positive outlook. We want to assure you that while life may not be pain, uncertainty about what you're paying for can certainly be! Our professional services revolve around the ABCs and T of value, delivering substantial advantages to the nurses we work with:



Active Rebalancing and Investment Management


Behavioral Coaching


Customized Experience


Tax Management


Our custom crafted NURSING Plan is designed to take advantage of the ABCs and T of value, with the goal of a documented increase of annual returns by 3%*. Further details can be found in the disclosure below:

When it comes to costs, we break them down into upfront and ongoing components. Prior to initiating the planning process, we provide a transparent breakdown of the one-time planning fee for creating the original NURSING Plan or our one-time Clinical Consultation. However, as a rough estimate, here's a general overview based on complexity and proximity to retirement:


10+ years from retirement

Low complexity plan

Less than 5 years from retirement

Medium complexity plan

1-2 years from retirement

Involving additional factors like specific gifting or estate goals: High complexity plan


If you decide to proceed with implementing your Nursing Plan or Clinical Consultation, we apply an annual asset-based management fee, along with the possibility of a monthly planning fee. Please refer to the tables below for a clear breakdown. Our commitment is to always provide more value than we charge, and our cost structure reflects this principle.


Financial Planning Complexity

Financial Planning Cost

Clinical Consultation 


Low complexity Plan


Medium Complexity Plan


High Complexity Plan



Assets Under Management

Wealth Management Cost   

Monthly Planning Fee

Under $50,000




























(*Based on an independent study by Vanguard titled "Putting a Value on Your Value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor's Alpha®," July 2022)